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Global Markets. Zero Boundaries. Single Access. Endless Opportunities.
Extensive knowledge of global markets

Leveraging Marco Polo's infrastructure, we provide access to opportunities in developed and emerging markets. Partnering with financial services professionals from within each region, we are able to provide you with direct information allowing you to make more informed decisions. Through our global partnerships, we offer clearing, settlement, custody and other financial services via a network that extends to 80 markets, giving you the global reach required in today’s dynamic marketplace.

With Marco Polo Securities you can count on flexibility and innovation.

  • We share your desire to achieve success through an entrepreneurial spirit that constantly seeks opportunities for our clients.
  • MPS helps you to capitalize on evolving financial situations by understanding the markets, rules, regulations and cultures; and by working with in-country professionals, who work closely with you.
  • We provide you with the flexibility to react to economic, political and social events, presenting new investment opportunities as they evolve.
  • Our clients have access to Marco Polo Network's 24/6 support and experienced professionals to help you manage all aspects of cross border trading and brokerage operations.
  • Marco Polo Securities offers innovative solutions through technology, flexibility and a global network to ensure the fastest trade execution possible.


Member of FINRA, SIPC, and NFA

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